While my channel has been up and on the go since the winter of 2011, having been started to support my grassroots effort as a Green Party Candidate for a seat as a Member of Parliment for my Riding (pretty obvious where THAT got me), as well as some commentary during my second foray into the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves. I’ve since used it to cover my agricultural research, some ecovillage projects, photographic/video slideshows with musical accompaniment, some educational programming and a short-lived video blog. I try to keep my thumbs in as many pots as I can, as you can see. I hope to, one day, have a video podcast like some of my heroes (and heroines) that I listed over in the “Inspiration” page. This page can act as a portal to my youtube channel that has over 150 videos at my last reckoning, and hopefully many more, once I get a stable and non-bandwidth-metered internet connection. -grumble-




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