“Stool Pidgin” or “Take a Seat”

Chair FullI’ve got a pretty useless chair out in the shop now, it’s really only good for firewood. It looks like a chair for a small child… possibly one with dwarfism. Anyway, it’s not appropriate. Especially when I’m trying to do some honing of my paring tools (chisels, plane irons, ax heads) I need to turn the chair around and roost on the back of the thing to get any relief for my legs, and then I have to lean all the way forward like an owl to get near my bench. It’s maddening. So to that end, I’ve decided to design a quick-and-dirty chair, with some positioning for my feed (I like to owl, sometimes) and a back to feel more secure against. I wanted to use all the same board, something thing and easily worked, while keeping the cost of chair pretty cheap. I didn’t think I’d get it THIS Cheap, but it was a pleasant surprise! Continue reading


“Little Garbage Box of Horrors” or “A Lovely Project to Store Your Filth”

Garbage Box - 1Ever since my first post, when I highlighted the garbage box that my father and I made entirely out of scrap pallet board, I’ve been having questions about what it would take to build one of different dimensions.  Not a whole lot, but I’ve actually had one woman request a very small garbage box to be built for her, on a budget.

Built frugally, but not be cheap and worthless… I’ve got a reputation to build, you know! So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this little wonder: 10 cubic feet (~0.28 cubic meters) in volume, should be able to handle two very full household garbage bags. With weekly pick-up, it ought to be fine! Continue reading

“Adjustable, Wooden Scaffold” or “Safer, Stronger, Cheaper; Yours”

Scaffold - 1While pricing some of the offerings at Home Hardware, not a perfect site but gives me a fair ballpark for pricing in which Jim Randell’s store will price match for me, I was shocked and appalled by the price of scaffolding! Like… god damn-boy. Over $50.00 for for a 5′ (~1524mm) end, of which you’ll need two, then another $20 for the stabilizing scissor that connects them, and then more money for the platform, and more money for the adjustable fastener kits… good GOD! Okay, so to hell with that. I’ve decided to design my own, and for your viewing pleasure, I took the time to go the extra mile and really offer something comprehensive. It suites me fine, since I’ll use these plans when I build my own, and make editors notes at the bottom if I am forced to make any changes.

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“Climbing the Corporate Ladder” or “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

LadderSo, I’ve been planning these shop lighting renovations, and putting a fabric ceiling up among my trusses as a stop-gap to me getting the proper lights, and insulated rigid roofing that I want. I realized that the aluminum ladder that I’ve got has definitely seen better days, and perhaps a major war… and I saw another ladder recently that gave me some inspiration. Continue reading

“Shop Illumination; Part Deux” or “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”

So I might have mentioned that in my father’s near infinite generosity, he is supplying me with some new toys, as a surprise.  He ended up spoiling the surprise when I told him my plans to buy some of what he was going to give me, so I guess I kind of ruined that one; but it’s the thought that counts.

At present, I am aware of him giving me a benchtop/contractors saw (people often call it a tablesaw, though those are slightly different, much larger devices), as well as 4 light fixtures, two units 4′ (~1219mm) long and two units 8′ (~2438mm) long, each with 2 bulbs. This will be a great addition to my existing collection/hodgepodge of lights, which consists of 1 double-fixture at 8′ (~2438mm), 2 quad-fixtures at 4′ (~1219mm) and two double-fixtures at 4′ (~1219mm). Two of these lights are laid-up on a shelf, not installed, and one of them requires a ballast to be replaced, and many of them are in rough shape. This is a workshop, not a museum, so hard-lookin’ hardware is not the end of the world for now. There are still holes in the walls that birds could fly into. I’m not too worried about my lights looking pretty, so long as they work. Continue reading

“WOODn’t Ya know it?” or “New Basement Firewood Storage!”

BasementI spent a not-inconsiderable time pondering my wood storage solution, and after a full assessment of fire safety, short-term convenience, long-term convenience, initial and long-term expenditure, effort, etc etc yadda yadda, I broke down and decided on building a bare wooden partition in my furnace room, to more efficiently store the wood, once split, that I’ve bought locally. A great deal of it is green, as in cut-that-day green, and much of it was standing dead-wood, some was fallen dead-wood. The price wasn’t bad, and it was service with a smile, so I’ll do what I can. Pretty sure that, after spending almost $700.00 on wood for this winter and considering the hundred or more hours that would be invested in harvesting all the wood I’d need for NEXT winter, then stoking the fire, requiring a fire going to have hot water in the summer, it’s just a hassle. I really think I wanna go with a hot water boiler for next year. It’ll be a monthly cost, but let’s be serious, if I invested all the hours that I’d spend on the wood, working in the shop or with a full-time job, I’d actually be money-in. Wood is GREAT for people who enjoy buggering around in the woods, but seriously, it’s such a rat-race that I’d rather avoid. Thanks. In the meantime, I’ve built a partition system that can be broken down later, in a pinch, and could even stay there if we eventually get a high efficiency wood stove for emergencies… something upstairs near the kitchen for those inevitable Newfoundland winter power failures… Continue reading

“50 Posts!” or “1 Month Anniversary!”

50 posts!!! As of today, October 1st, it’s nearly our one month anniversary of operation, we’ve managed to secure the following statistics on the blog:

These are great tidings! I’m sure the next month will only improve our results! Check our facebook page for updates and links/shares not available on the blog!

1,374 Views (includes each page a visitor… visited)
540 Visitors (unique IP addresses, I presume)
27 followers across facebook, twitter, and wordpress

“Mission-in-Progress” or “My First Glue-up!”

UntitledSo this pirates chest toy box… The poor woman made the quote request for an aquarium back in December ’13, made a downpayment for the product in Febrary, knowing I’d be at-sea until the fall. No sweat, right? Wrong. She contacts me some time in May or June and asks me if she can change her order from this really cool ice-cube-tray betafish breeding tank thinger ( I was really excited to build it ) and wanted a pirate themed toy box for her 4 year old buccaneer. No problem, right? Wrong. I offered it to her for the price of her half-down-payment for the complicated aquarium, in the spirit of her being my FIRST customer, and her paying so early, which actually got me through my training for my job, but that’s another story. We figured out this little toybox, and I had it all planned out. Was a pain in my ass for some of the compound angles, but it’s all part of the challenge. So I began work on it, finally this week, and boy have I got a story to tell.

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“Facebook Page” or “Time for Some Cross-Traffic!

Yes, yes, many of you may have actually found us through our regular facebook announcements facebook feeds, but great news! Now we have our own! Due to increasing local demand for questions, answers, product quote requests and more, we’ve decided to make a FB page to corral all of these new client demands. You can reach us here, and keep up with all the latest and greatest. Feel free to check this page out, since all new article posts and updates will appear there by default, and occasional updates will appear on other facebook feeds as well. Don’t be shy!