“Reusable, Rough, Reliable” or “A 3R’s Bolt-Type Fastener!”

Removable Bolt Fastener - 1This is the fastener I’ve referred to in other articles. A fabulous way to rapidly break-down and re-assemble wooden joinery in a manner that is rock-solid and not only quick to assemble and install, but wicked-fast to repair and rebuild if broken! Continue reading


“Early Bird Gets the Worm” or “Second Mouse Gets the Cheese”

Gods help us, the summer is practically over. Tomorrow is the start of Mabon and preparations so many harvest festivals of years gone by would have been completed by now. It’s a real tragedy that I practically missed this summer while I was working with Fisheries, but I’ll have the whole winter to prepare my home and my family for a lovely spring/summer 2015 when … uhh… I also won’t be here much. But that’s okay! I’ll be here in spirit, and my creations will also be present (Like the garbage box and dog run, like the flower planter, like the some of the shop toys I’ve described already, here, here and here). I want so much for Sarah, my darling wife, to be happy and comfortable here when the warm sun returns to this frigid, frozen wasteland that we call home. To that end, I’m going to discuss some of the quintessential summer woodworking plans: A picnic table, a barbecue tray, an Adirondack chair and a window herb garden box. These projects just scream summer, to me. Continue reading

“Introduction to Joinery” or “Bonds That Last A Lifetime… we hope”

I’m going to dive right in here and assume you have no idea what I’m talking about, yet. If you are an experienced woodworker, you really have no use for my blog, other than to correct careless errors in my work (which is all good, just please be tactful! haha). This blog is meant to provide a one-stop-shop for rookies and green-horns who are trying to find the same answers that I did over the past few years. I try to give situation-based challenges and provide all the relevant information that I need to help solve the problem. Sometimes it’s really harder than it needs to be to find a simple answer, like lighting theory for example, such a pain to get actual relevant information and solid “theory” about the topic of lighting from which to build a solution in my head. I want to spare you that frustration. To that end, I bring you a primer on joinery, with a little inspiration from our friends over at Wikipedia. Continue reading

“Small Dovetail Box with Dado Bottom” or “Biting-Off More Than I Can Chew”

Dovetail Box - 1So, for my project article this time ’round, I’ve decided to do the next logical step from a single-pin single-joint test piece that really could have gone better in it’s own right… to a 24-pin 4-sided box with a dado and rabbeted bottom.

I’m not building this project this week, but I’ve got the design and layout down pat, so it would be a much easier task to build it with the preliminaries done. In theory. Continue reading

“Baby’s First Dovetail” or “Why First-Aide Kits Are Important”

IMG_1449IMG_1426So today, Sunday 7th September 2014, was such a lovely day that I couldn’t justify another period of indoor research and theoretical design. I HAD to get outside. It’s a balmy 17C (~62F) outside, in partial overcast, so I took off my spring jacket and ended up T-shirted and opening up the heavy garage doors for ventilation. I love summer. 🙂

IMG_1428I had it in my head to quit whining about what tools I’m lacking, no matter how useful certain toys could be. Like Paul Sellers taught us, you need an appreciation for hand tools before you can really understand what limitations and advantages power-tools have; and that electricity is not always the best addition to woodworking. Besides, when I hurt myself (and I have every, single day I’ve spent more than an hour IN that building), it’s usually less “emergency room worthy” with a chisel than with a table-saw… trust me on both accounts. For today’s exploration/adventure, I decided to try my hands at Dovetails. Emphasis on Try. Continue reading