988395_602760196470094_672848646_nThis blog is all about my work in my shop, detailing the trials and tribulations I experience there. I had been a woodworker, in the most peripheral sense, most of my life. Typical outport kind, I guess, building things with Dad out in the garage. I’ve built a significant portion of sheds, cottages, decks, installed windows, doors, siding, poured concrete, worked on asphalt, etc, etc ad nausium. It’s all good though, Woodworking (as just one of my many hobbies) quiets a part of my soul that needed some pacification, and my great big workshop fills that void nicely.

10643170_10152686229420856_1256330899_nIMG_1145My name is Robin Gosse, I was born at the original Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. I grew up all over the Western Coast of this beautiful island, having lived in Stephenville, Port Aux Basques, Pasadena, Meadows, Corner Brook, St. David’s, Englee and most recently, Roddickton-Bide Arm up in the Great Northern Peninsula. I met the woman I would marry in June 2012, proposed just before Christmas of that year and married her the following summer, August 23rd, 2013. We moved to Englee in pursuit of her job as a Junior High School English Teacher at H. G. Fillier and rented an apartment in that particularly beautiful community. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with the place, and taking one of the biggest gambles since our marriage, we bought a house in the nearby community of Bide Arm (Having Amalgamated into Roddickton in 2009, ala Roddickton-Bide Arm). I live every day thanking any deity that will listen for the blessings that we had received, with two beautiful fur-babies, Grim and Ruby (Left and Right), and many friends that are so dear to our hearts.

I come from a diverse family, involving nurses, preachers, Canadian Forces Personnel and business people. My parents believed strongly in giving myself and my two older brothers the power to choose, and were staunchly pro-education. That said, I’ve accumulated some pretty expensive pieces of paper over an 11-year post-secondary career. Including a 2-year Computer Science program, 90% of a 3-year Civil Engineering program, a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, enough electives to cover half a Bachelors of Environmental Economics and I was working on a PhD of Agricultural Science before I met the most welcome distraction of my life, Sarah. Now I monitor fishermen and play in my Garage, and I can’t even say I’m disappointed!

NL_2002002Currently, I work with a company that is contracted by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador to oversee fishing code complianceaboard the boats during our 5-6 month fishing season. While it’s a good gig, with paid travel and not unkind pay scales, I long for the winter when I get to get a nice fire going in the wood furnace and play with sharp things in my garage by day, and dote upon my wife by night. I’m blessed, and I know I am. I just felt you should all get to know a little bit about how lucky we scored it, after so many years of discomfort in previous relationships, Sarah and I finally found a place to belong.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase my work in home renovation, my projects in the workshop and some of my own research into greenhousing, cultural development and sustainable living. This is my Joinery, the old English term for furniture builders and a symbol for the multi-disciplinary approach that so many previous generations were required to adapt, in the absence of factories, IKEA and Walmart.

Join us in our journey together, studying a variety of topics, and contribute in your own way to our little collective. Make your mark and lend a hand, just like good neighbors do.


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