“It’s Been a While!” or “My Bad”

I’ma just say that I’m really very sorry for it being nearly a YEAR since I’ve posted new content. While I’d love to blame someone else, it’s entirely my fault; the proverbial buck stops here. However (isn’t there ALWAYS a however??), my life has considerably straightened-out, and I’ve got LOTS of new stuff to report. It’s September 13th, 2015, and let’s get on with business.

Since October 2014, I’ve become the Operations Manager of the Western NL Developers Cooperative. I work from home and often crunch over 60 hours per week. Given that my home heating furnace burned-out in December and had several pipes burst and the ensuing repairs cost us more than most rational people would care to confess, we’re back on track, now; at last. Our whole house was rewired (yes, the one we bought on Valentines 2014, who’s ocean-view is showcased in the title graphic of this page) from 100A to 200A service, the hot water radiation system has been torn out and replaced with brand-new high-efficiency electric baseboards, and my basement workshop is coming along. We did most of the work ourselves (the work that we are legally allowed to do), my father and I, and it’s coming along nicely. I’ll soon have a great place to set up my lathe.

Oh, I bought a lathe. 🙂 But more on that later.

I just wanted to shout out to you all, those of which who have been faithfully revisiting and sharing this page. Just a look at these Statisticsdemographics! This was for the past 12 months, so a sad sign of what happens when my attention is taken away from my fun work, and devoted to my not-so-fun work. haha. I promise to devote a little more time to this page, updating the progress of my woodworking hobbies: Much of which will involve wood turning and CNC (If I ever get the damn-blasted machine working).

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