“I’m Still Around!” or “Nothing To Do With April Fools! (Seriously)”

10930182_827260414020070_3437241858251852337_nYeah, this winter was a LITTLE mental. I’ve had a ridiculous time with the snow, as you can imagine for a location almost 60 degrees of latitude; sea-level or not. Well, we’re alive, not for lack of Mother Nature’s efforts. We’ve been dumped on with snow, practically blown away, our furnace failed and has not been working right for five months, we’ve had budgetary crisis’ and work has been a long, hard slug through the trenches to get caught-up. All in all, I’m MORE than excited to get out in the shop and get some real fun stuff made. To tell you the truth, the process of designing my dream shop in SketchUp and the thought of having my

11046673_824709984275113_7330743608805223551_nfather come out to give me a hand (Always more fun with a buddy) with the renovation in the shop has been a large part of what’s gotten me through this winter. This first pic is of our 8′ tall dog kennel out in front of our house… but that was before another full two feet fell… you could barely see it at ALL at the worst of it. The picture to the right is of a particularly mild morning, on my way to a conference. It’s been as low as -39C (-40F) at 8am. It’s been so cold that it sounded as though the equinox had asthma when we start the engine. Good times. Continue reading