“2000 posts!” or “Bi-Millennial Celebrations!”

Just a quick update, we hit 2000 hits this weekend! FABULOUS! In just two months we’ve hit the 2,000 mark! It seems that our daily viewership is actually growing faster than the average, which is exciting. There is, however, bad news. With my new job, I’m working flat-out. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I often wonder where the day’s gone while I spend 8 hours to the grindstone and forget to take lunch. One of the benefits to a home office is I get full access to my own kitchen, but it’s scary when I look at the clock at 8:00 and wonder how I’ll fill the day, then check again and notice that it’s already in the PM hours. Scary.

20141028_112507_PanoMy FIRST main challenge is the garage. Among that lofty goal, will be to get the garage insulated. I need to put up the ceiling, probably OSB (oriented ship board, aspenite, chip-board, etc) on the ceiling, screwed directly to the trusses. I’ll do my best to save up some extra cash and buy some rigid insulation panels to attempt to keep a little more of the heat in the garage, without basically having to do the job twice. The walls aren’t bad, they’re sealed up so tight that it’s a moot point, but I’ll need to seal-up that improvised garage door… there are some breaks in the seams that require attention. Once I get the solid/rigid ceiling up, I would get to install the lighting. At that point, I ought to be able to light a small fire in the furnace (you can see it there in the back corner in blue) and actually be able to spend a weekend puttering around out there. It’s so cold you can see your breath, and ineffective for any sort of fun. $300.00 or $400.00 would put a pretty considerable dent in the discomfort.

20141028_112729Second is to get to work on my lower office.  This is the space used by the previous houses owner, when he ran his mechanic’s garage business (Such as it was) out of my current workshop. I intend to turn this storage room into an effective workspace to allow me to handle my various sundry work duties in quiet, peace and isolation. It will allow me to explore my “standing desk” ideas, and have a dedicated workspace free from the puppehs. Not designed for recreation, as it is a standing workcenter, which is kind of a shame since it’s got some really awesome potential, but we can see how it evolves.

Lower Office - 1

This is the same view in the computer model, with a chair for guests or myself if i need to rest. Three monitors, on a wall-mount, and the wings are hinged to adjust to standing positions. Lots of storage spaces for files and whatnot, a gel mat to reduce joint strain, and surround-sound speakers together with a 1080p/60FPS webcam and 48-bit microphone for much more profound conferencing opportunities (and music, but who’s counting).

Lower Office - 2The whole thing is built in a modular fashion, such that I can build the desk first, which can accommodate my laptop, then the mounting system, the upper half-shelves and the rearward tall shelves. When I get a monstrous computer to put into this desk, I can build a cabinet on 3 pairs of full-extension drawer slides and attach the whole thing under the keyboard. I need just to pull it out and do what work that I deem necessary, push it back in and away I go. The real power of a workstation like this is that everything is pre-planned. Lower Office - 3Even that diagonal console below the monitors, will have sensor equipment, USB3.0 connections, card readers, the 48-bit (Blue Yeti) microphone, and I will build duplex power outlets into the desk for easily installing temporary pieces of tech, foe example, if I need to repair a laptop or do my own systems maintenance.

So yeah, a guy can dream. I am puttering away at my new job, soaking up most of my time, and attempting to adjust to these new lifestyle changes. Being paid to, basically, do what I’ve always done for free (by that my mean “thinktank” work)… it’s all a transition. I’ll get there, thank you for your patience, and thank you for your patronage.

We’ll all get there, some day. In the mean time, my 3-per-day posts may have to become weekly or twice-weekly… sorry all, but life goes on. Widdershins Joinery will not, EVER die! 😀


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