I got some news today… I almost peed. I had that interview, I was panicking (ask anyone who spoke with me since yesterday)… but I got it. I GOT IT!! Not bad for someone with virtually no congruent experience, but lots of tangential, peripheral and scholastic background to the position. My hands are shaking and I’m just dazzled. Gawds. Permanent job. Work-from-home with not-infrequent work-site visits (paid mileage) as well as them paying for part of my cellphone bill.

I will still do my best to contribute posts to this blog and work in my garage… with the ironic twist that I can not afford some new toys (to supplement the goodies my father gave me Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, more on that in a future post), but now I Can actually start DOING Things šŸ˜€

Say hello to the new “Operations Manager” of the “Newfoundland and Labrador Developers Cooperative”. Ima go pass-out, now.

This was the ad I blindly applied for… never knowing how it would change my life forever…

We are currently seeking a creative, solution driven Operations Manager. This position will be located in Western Newfoundland. The exact location is negotiable.

The main responsibility of this position is to run daily operations of all of our business ventures to ensure they meet the vision and goals of the WNLDC including: Design and management of our products, processes, and supply chains. Continual monitoring and improvement of the overall performance of each operation. Forecasting. Quality Control. Human Resources. Purchasing. Sales and advertising. Proposal writing.

This position reports directly to the Board of Directors. The candidate must have experience in business management and be able to work independently. She/he must have an understanding of the economic needs of rural Newfoundland and Labrador: be able to work with other likeminded organizations and municipalities: have the desire and capability of making ecological sustainability/stewardship a priority.

We are looking to fill this position immediately.


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