“Stool Pidgin” or “Take a Seat”

Chair FullI’ve got a pretty useless chair out in the shop now, it’s really only good for firewood. It looks like a chair for a small child… possibly one with dwarfism. Anyway, it’s not appropriate. Especially when I’m trying to do some honing of my paring tools (chisels, plane irons, ax heads) I need to turn the chair around and roost on the back of the thing to get any relief for my legs, and then I have to lean all the way forward like an owl to get near my bench. It’s maddening. So to that end, I’ve decided to design a quick-and-dirty chair, with some positioning for my feed (I like to owl, sometimes) and a back to feel more secure against. I wanted to use all the same board, something thing and easily worked, while keeping the cost of chair pretty cheap. I didn’t think I’d get it THIS Cheap, but it was a pleasant surprise!

So, to make this project, you’ll need nothing more than a tape-measure, a straight-edge (ideally a square), a saw of some sort and fasteners (glues, screws or nails). That’s it. Materials include five boards, each Chair Cut Diagram1x3x8′ (~19mm x ~64mm x ~2438mm). You will need to cut four different board lengths; 7 pieces at 1′ 6″ (~457mm), 2 pieces at 2′ 6″ (~762mm), 2 at 3′ (~914mm) (though you can really go as long as 3′ 4.5″ (~1028mm) if you like a higher back and cut REAL carefully), and finally you’ll need 13 at 1′ 3″ (~381mm). You could get away with using one whole less board, if you like to live dangerously, and think you can cleverly avoid using six whole pieces or can make better use of the boards via eliminating waste. For the cost, this’ll work fine for me.

Five 1x3x8′ (~19mm x ~64mm x ~2438mm) boards total $7.29, taxes included. Now each board is only 3/4″ (~19mm) true width, so when you use your screws/nails, be VERY Careful. I recommend you use glue, as well, to ensure that the bite remains tight. The diagram should clearly show where it all goes. The bottom stabilizing box for the legs is 6″ high, and the second box is 18″ from the top of the seat, that’s my preference for my body shape. Yours may be different. There is another board in the centre of the seat-box, to help support the thin boards under the seat. Not ultra-necessary, but it was soaking up some of that waste board.

Hope you like this fast-and-dirty chair, feel free to add, embellish, modify or adjust, and post your results!


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