“Little Garbage Box of Horrors” or “A Lovely Project to Store Your Filth”

Garbage Box - 1Ever since my first post, when I highlighted the garbage box that my father and I made entirely out of scrap pallet board, I’ve been having questions about what it would take to build one of different dimensions.  Not a whole lot, but I’ve actually had one woman request a very small garbage box to be built for her, on a budget.

Built frugally, but not be cheap and worthless… I’ve got a reputation to build, you know! So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this little wonder: 10 cubic feet (~0.28 cubic meters) in volume, should be able to handle two very full household garbage bags. With weekly pick-up, it ought to be fine!

Garbage Box - 5Built of two sectioned drawings, 2 identical end-caps, 6 identical sides, one of which is a hinged lid.

This is one of the two side panels, for decorative purposes (and to handle the typically bulbus-cum-cylindrical shape of a full garbage bag better) the box was made hexagonal. Each board, without the 30 degree mitres, is 16″ on the long-side and 12″ long on the narrower side. Each of the “Green” boards are milled 1×4 (~19mm x ~89mm). These boards are lapped, 2-wide, to provide more strength than edge-gluing on the mitre-side; we want this to survive a proper Newfie winter, afterall. As such, there are 12 such boards, at 16″ (~400mm) each, and two more 8′ boards will take care of this very cleanly (especially if you make one cut for both mitres, flipping the board over). This will create a very strong shape to resist the deforming in shape.

Garbage Box - 6Then there are the vertical members to make this shape more rigid and create side-walls; six 1×3′ (~19mm by ~63.5mm) pieces, 2’4″ (~710mm) long, and the sides are more easily laid in place and traced than they are to find the mitres. The longer of the two is 2′ 3″ (~686mm) on the longest-side (think of a rectangle with this long-length, trace and trim on the line) and the smaller has a long-side of 1’6 1/2″ (~470mm). Confused yet? I would be. The picture could help. This section will require just two 1x4x8′ (~19mm by ~89mm by ~2438.4mm) boards times the two ends, (local price $4.00, both totaling $8.00), plus the two vertical walls which will require five 1x3x8′ (~19mm by ~63.5mm by ~2438.4mm) boards, (local price $7.50, both totaling $15.00). Total price for both end-caps, about $25.00

Garbage Box - 4Next, the walls. Comprised of 6 pieces of 1×3″, which is actually 3/4″ by 2.5″ (~19mm by ~63.5mm), and each is 2′ (~610mm) long (It is quite easy to increase this length on all 6 pieces to make a longer box without much mathematical work; this is the easiest dimension to lengthen without getting into the nitty-gritty). There are three pieces of the same board to act as reinforcing boards, though they are not essential for all but the lid and the very top sections; I like the symmetry and strength it lends to the shape, offering a higher resistance to twisting. These three are 14″ long (~355mm). This section will require just two 1x3x8′ (~19mm by ~63.5mm by ~2438.4mm) boards, local price $3.00, six units totaling $18.00.

There you have it, for a grand-total of $45.00 plus hardware, you, too, can build a Rugged, Reliable and Reusable garbage box suitable for weekly pickup of typical household waste, not exactly built for workshop-sized bags, though.


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