“2000 posts!” or “Bi-Millennial Celebrations!”

Just a quick update, we hit 2000 hits this weekend! FABULOUS! In just two months we’ve hit the 2,000 mark! It seems that our daily viewership is actually growing faster than the average, which is exciting. There is, however, bad news. With my new job, I’m working flat-out. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since I often wonder where the day’s gone while I spend 8 hours to the grindstone and forget to take lunch. One of the benefits to a home office is I get full access to my own kitchen, but it’s scary when I look at the clock at 8:00 and wonder how I’ll fill the day, then check again and notice that it’s already in the PM hours. Scary. Continue reading


“Ecovillage Tiny House and Greenhouse Infrastructure Module” or “Working Around the System”

Tiny House - 8

“Never argue with a fool, for they may well be doing the same thing.”

That may be true for most cases, but try telling a government agency that growing your own food is completely safe, or that the latest scholastic research suggests that by feeding grey-water (think sinks and showers, NOT toilets, that’s blackwater/brownwater) through “enough” plants in a system, it’ll come out cleaner than it went into your taps. Yep. Nope. Not going to happen. So what can we ecovillage “bio-neers” do about it? We can work inside the system, using existing code compliance regulations and combine several ideas into one that wouldn’t be quite as perfect as if the project were cut from whole-cloth, but we create something “good enough” to both satisfy our needs and maybe become proof-positive that the concept works; and that’s the next best thing. Continue reading

“Desk Revisited” or “The Final Installment… Hopefully”

AssembledOkay so I MIGHT be a little obsessive… this is the third straight 10-hour day working on it. I’ve actually done three complete, whole-cloth rebuilds of this desk since I uploaded the last article about it… and solved some inherent defects in the design. This one is much more robust, though I fear it might be a little more claustrophobic. The whole thing is 5′ (~1524mm) long by 5′ (~1524mm) wide, slots into a corner, 6′ (~1828.8mm) tall and the desktop surface is about 2′ (~609.6mm) from the edge to the back. It will take 10 sheets of 1/2″ (~12.5mm) plywood, and remarkably ONLY requires that 1/2″ ply, glue and hardware like hinges, drawer slides and screws, to speak nothing of the electronics. Let’s dive-in, shall we?

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“UBER Computer Desk… Revised” or “Backed Into a Corner”

Corner Shelf - 2The computer is built into a purpose-built compartment above the monitors on a slide-out tray using 22″ full-extension drawer slides… a 40″ 4K monitor flanked by a pair of 22″ 1080p monitors… and a modest video card to power all three. The 5 orange boxes are the 5.1 surround-sound speakers. There are dedicated air-flow conduits cooling the main computer, and the two upper cabinets are devoted to USB peripherals (like a multi-talented card reader) and the bank of up to 7 SATA3 HDD’s, each at 4TB (That’s 35 TB of HDD space), and the 128gb SATA3 SSD devoted to the system drive.

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I got some news today… I almost peed. I had that interview, I was panicking (ask anyone who spoke with me since yesterday)… but I got it. I GOT IT!! Not bad for someone with virtually no congruent experience, but lots of tangential, peripheral and scholastic background to the position. My hands are shaking and I’m just dazzled. Gawds. Permanent job. Work-from-home with not-infrequent work-site visits (paid mileage) as well as them paying for part of my cellphone bill.

I will still do my best to contribute posts to this blog and work in my garage… with the ironic twist that I can not afford some new toys (to supplement the goodies my father gave me Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, more on that in a future post), but now I Can actually start DOING Things 😀

Say hello to the new “Operations Manager” of the “Newfoundland and Labrador Developers Cooperative”. Ima go pass-out, now.

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“DISCLAIMER” or “For those who need to be told the obvious…”

(Now a handy-dandy static page! Check there for updates)

It has been brought to my attention that some of my work is dangerous, like the ladder article and the scaffold article, as examples of two. My god. If you need to be told to be careful around ladders and scaffolds, then I think this page is for you. I intend to add to this post for immediate share to my audience, and will also make it a page for more consistent viewing under the main page header, along with other static information. I cannot begin to tell each of you how critical shop safety is, so please, please, don’t dismiss this piece as unnecessary. I’ve got the scars, as I’m sure many experienced woodworkers do, about how carelessness in the shop can cost you. Continue reading

“Stool Pidgin” or “Take a Seat”

Chair FullI’ve got a pretty useless chair out in the shop now, it’s really only good for firewood. It looks like a chair for a small child… possibly one with dwarfism. Anyway, it’s not appropriate. Especially when I’m trying to do some honing of my paring tools (chisels, plane irons, ax heads) I need to turn the chair around and roost on the back of the thing to get any relief for my legs, and then I have to lean all the way forward like an owl to get near my bench. It’s maddening. So to that end, I’ve decided to design a quick-and-dirty chair, with some positioning for my feed (I like to owl, sometimes) and a back to feel more secure against. I wanted to use all the same board, something thing and easily worked, while keeping the cost of chair pretty cheap. I didn’t think I’d get it THIS Cheap, but it was a pleasant surprise! Continue reading

“Little Garbage Box of Horrors” or “A Lovely Project to Store Your Filth”

Garbage Box - 1Ever since my first post, when I highlighted the garbage box that my father and I made entirely out of scrap pallet board, I’ve been having questions about what it would take to build one of different dimensions.  Not a whole lot, but I’ve actually had one woman request a very small garbage box to be built for her, on a budget.

Built frugally, but not be cheap and worthless… I’ve got a reputation to build, you know! So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this little wonder: 10 cubic feet (~0.28 cubic meters) in volume, should be able to handle two very full household garbage bags. With weekly pick-up, it ought to be fine! Continue reading

“Adjustable, Wooden Scaffold” or “Safer, Stronger, Cheaper; Yours”

Scaffold - 1While pricing some of the offerings at Home Hardware, not a perfect site but gives me a fair ballpark for pricing in which Jim Randell’s store will price match for me, I was shocked and appalled by the price of scaffolding! Like… god damn-boy. Over $50.00 for for a 5′ (~1524mm) end, of which you’ll need two, then another $20 for the stabilizing scissor that connects them, and then more money for the platform, and more money for the adjustable fastener kits… good GOD! Okay, so to hell with that. I’ve decided to design my own, and for your viewing pleasure, I took the time to go the extra mile and really offer something comprehensive. It suites me fine, since I’ll use these plans when I build my own, and make editors notes at the bottom if I am forced to make any changes.

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