“Wall-Mounted Dog Food Dispenser” or “Simplifying Doggy Duties”

So, I have been meaning to write an article on this, but after experiencing April Wilkerson’s job, I honestly couldn’t think of a reasonable way to improve upon it. Adding bells and whistles, transparent panels and gadgets makes it look more like a Rube Goldberg Machine than anything that’s meant to do a simple job, simply. This is an elegant solution to a typically dirty, dusty job, and the use of French Cleats (my favorite!!) makes detaching from the wall for cleaning a walk in the ….. dog park.

This very simple machine is as functionally simple as it gets, the article that she wrote surrounding it can be found here, or by clicking on the picture to the left (like ALL my pics, unless I made them myself, it is linked back to it’s source… not so much to drive my dear audience away from my site, but to avoid plagiarism scandals). Based upon her articles and videos, she’s a real sweetie, and I just couldn’t bare to improve on such a lovely device. Please, let us revel in it’s construction, and again, please visit her blog and her youtube channel for more awesome offerings!


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