“New Paint Job” or “Making A Huge Mess, On Purpose!”

IMG_1521So, having received a letter from the mmunicipalityexplaining that garbage collecting is a very dangerous job and that all garbage collection bins must be no more than 10′ (~3.048m) from the asphalt in order to be collected (the poor dears), we had to move the bin. It’s not complete, but I noticed some minor little things that need attending to, like covering the top (and probably all sides) to avoid snow from building up inside, building some stops so the collectors don’t beat the lid off, and it has to be painted. Since we bought paint (uggh, hate painting) for Sarah’s room recently, I suggested that if we had any left we could paint the garbage box. My darling wife reminded me that we had “tons” downstairs in the furnace room. Tons, you say? I had to investigate. Maybe not tons, but certainly gallons! I intend to put that paint to good use. Ima buy a tote bin with a volume equal to no less than half the volume of these cans (about 30-40 litres, or about half of these 10 gallons), based upon the weight of the cans. That amount of paint ought to be enough to do the entire floor of the garage two or three times, though I am not sure what sort of colour it’ll turn into once I mix these “Acrylid-Latex” paints together. I’ll certainly take pictures! 

IMG_1381They are all the same sort of paint, all Acrylid-Latex, and all the more hideous colours of the rainbow. Besides, it’s a FLOOR. I hope that the paint job will fill-in some of the gaps in the boards, some of the grain impressions. I’m covering over the whole mess later, but this paint-job certainly can’t hurt. Given the amount of paint I’ve got here, I could do two or three good coats… and I can ignore the typical rules of thumb since it’s all free paint, more salvage from the “as-is where-is” house purchase. Garbage and all. At least I now know that I’ll have more than enough to do the whole floor, such as it is, and not have to worry with bald patches… even if the second coat won’t be complete. I just have to be a little more careful about dropping and throwing boards around on the painted floor… not sure how well the “Acrylid-Latex” will adhere to boards that are probably already oil-impregnated. Like I said, i’m going to board over the whole floor area anyway next year when my father comes up and we jack up the walls, leveling the platform a little more, and then we can worry about covering it over with old lumber (tyvek) pallet wrap and putting down a 1/2″ (~12.5mm) or 5/8″ (~15.875mm) flooring. I’d LOVE to go for 3/4″ (~19.05mm) but those lingering “grocery” things are also important, so I’m told.

IMG_1514In other news, I’ve finally “fixed” the chimney of the wood furnace in the garage. My neighbor, Garland, had some 4″ (~100mm) pipe rusting away behind his garage, that just happened to be 7.5″ (~190.5mm) longer than the 55″ (~1397mm) I needed to prop up my chimney. I just had to to score the pipe along the line and score it away with an angle grinder. I don’t mind jury-rigging (what my father affectionately refers to as a “triggle-up”) something for now, I’ll use some loops of chain nailed to the wall studs to keep it stable, but it’s not going IMG_1516anywhere and there is ZERO fire-risk. I’m going to get the whole thing torn out next year when I do my solar-power renovations and re-insulate the whole mess. Once I get the walls insulated, sealed and sheathed, a new ceiling beneath the trusses, remove the windows and insulate those spaces, as well as an insulated floor, there will be little worry about heat. I have to get rid of that old garage door and put a new one in there… insulate and seal that… whew. Gunna be an expensive summer. However, it will free up the space that the big IMG_1520honkin’ furnace is taking up, and remove all that fire hazard. Two or three electric heaters to take up the slack from the solar collectors will make a huge difference.

That’s about all I wanted to say about that, just the ambitions to repaint the floors to clean it up (and help keep some of the dust down, pictures to follow) and the completion of the repair to the furnace. I’m glad that’s done now, because I can take the time to start a nice roaring fire and heat that whole (air-leaky) building up for a few hours to do my projects. I was kind of stuck before I got that iron conduit because of the encroaching cold. Holy god it gets cold fast here in the fall!


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