“Router Almost Complete” or “Mixed Saturday Activities”

IMG_1477SO I was up at near the crack of dawn this morning, was up and caffeinated, and IN the garage by 7:30am… I know, I know, the day was half-gone already, but I needed my beauty sleep… obviously. Now that my new M5 screw tap arrived last night, I was ready to make the final three threaded holes to accept the 12mm M5 fine-threaded Button Head Cap Screws into the extruded aluminum maker slides (yes the directions actually READ like this… for something on the order of 60-80 pages. It was a crisp +6C (~43F), and we had frost in the ground last night. There was a nip in the air and I could see my breath fog before me… IMG_1422I ran the 20′ (~7m) from the house to the shed. It was like walking into an ice-box. Holy hell that building is tight (firmly wrapped to resist the air flowing from the outside environment to the inside, and visa versa). It took until the after noon for me to take my gloves, touque (woolen, insulated Stocking cap) and two fleeces. I couldn’t light a fire because the chimney had detached, seen here. There had once been a loft, upon which the chimney rested, but having taken the loft out of there the weight became too much, one would suppose, and it shattered the couple that connected the bottom of that charred T-junction to the back of the furnace. More on that later.

IMG_1481So I kept picking at my router. I won’t give you an unboxing article, or a how-to, or even any of that noise. There are dozens, or hundreds, of those around and I didn’t want to bore both myself AND my millions of die-hard fans (yeah right!). In lieu of that, I’ve taken a few pics of the work thus far. I’ve got it entirely assembled, but now need to calibrate the servos to my Arduino Uno circuit board and that board to my computer. IMG_1476Once I get it all calibrated, the machine will slide that left-right rail (the x-axis) along the two parallel rails (y-axis), and the router will move along that x-axis, and up and down on a X-axis. Thus, this is a 3-axis machine and that is basically how the machine works. An image is converted into 3-axis coordinates, and the software converts that into a “path”. It then tells the router to move by fractions if millimeters plus or minus on all three axis while the router head is spinning. It’s really not that big a shape, and can cut a 12″ by 14″ (~300mm x 350mm) area to a depth of about two inches (~50mm). Not a big device, but made a HUGE mess! It requires a computer to give the Arduino Uno (the circuit board) instructions, but I’ve got an older-model 10″ netbook for that. BTW: This is my workbench table I described in my FIRST EVAR POST!

IMG_1478So, that was maddening. 15 hours and counting to get to this point, and I’d guess nearly 1000 parts all-told. Having some problems getting the Servos to all coordinate in an intrigue ballet, but I’m getting there. Though it was still DAMN cold (I can be seen here wearing a double-layer fleece, a single-layer fleece and a thinsulate vest, as well as a woolen insulated cap), I decided to tackle the woodstove before my nerbles froze off one particularly brisk future morning. I took a quick trip to the neighborhood hardware store, my across-the-street-neighbors literally own it, and picked up a new male-male 8″ IMG_1483(~200mm) coupling, some appropriate self-tapping screws and some aluminum high-temperature duct tape. After a portion of grunting and no small measure of profanity, I got the damn-blasted thing sorted out. Now let me get this out before you purists start to panic. There is IMG_1482NO Wood or fire in that furnace, that temporary lumber stand below the clean-out base is temporary. I need to get some metal brackets to hold the chimney up. Now the upper portions are insulated, so I COULD use a wooden cantilever, but I will have my hardware-store neighbor visit and give me his best assessment of just how screwed I am.

NL_2002002Map 1So after this relative triumph, Sarah thought it’d be a good idea to go for a walk with the babbehs after some erands. I decided to take some pics for you of Lockers point, which is in Englee. If you remember, Roddickton-Bide Arm is seen on the left, and the road from Bide Arm to Englee is here on the right. I’ve provided you a “location” window to the right, as well, for your own curiousity. Lockers Point is at the southern-most tip of Englee, and is one of the most stunning locales I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. An international photographer, whom I met in St. Anthony, did a tour of Newfoundland for some shutter-bugging, and he’s website is called WorldScapes. IF you have not seen it yet, first mourn your loss, then correct it by browsing his work. He was captivated by this space, and he only had a token visit! Here are some photos, below, for your viewing pleasure; even a token pic of our big boy, Grimmy, in our kitchen. If you need more reasons for a visit than to get my autograph, shame on you. Then take a look at what people in this area can brush of as saying, “Yeah, dat’s the point. What about it?”

IMG_1496 IMG_1484 IMG_1485 IMG_1486   IMG_1489 IMG_1490 IMG_1491
IMG_1494 IMG_1495IMG_1472


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