“Saw a man about a Horse” or “Shop Furniture Additions”

IMG_1406I couldn’t possibly stay indoors on a day like today. Was just below 20C (68F), which is T-shirt weather up here at over 50 degrees of latitude, even at sea level. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I took the babies out with me on the leash/line you see in the pic. They were happy and there was work to be done!

While sorting out my needs/wants for the garage, I felt that a wider workbench was important and used the old white door to take care of that. Then after trying to saw some wood atop that bench, I discovered that it was a little too high for comfortable sawing, and since I don’t yet have any clamps (or a Roubo workbench with assorted vices and dog holes) I’ve had to start from square-one again. I decided to build some sawhorses.

IMG_1409 IMG_1410Once again relying on my purely theoretical research, I put my trust in Matthius Wandel and his plans for a basic 2″x4″ saw horses. I ended up using a hand-held circular saw to cut the legs and brace sections to length, and even to cut the 18 degree bevels, which was a challenge enough. I used the handsaw for the more depth-sensitive cuts, and then sawed away the brace plates that hold the legs together. I used the circular saw, a hammer and chisel to cut away IMG_1408the dados… though I butchered them pretty thoroughly, as my chisel wasn’t nearly honed properly on my IMG_1407curvy stones. I managed to mangle the dado slots enough that there was a really good friction-fit from the cut-outs on the legs to hug into the dado on the main beam between the two. I then nailed everything together, not having to IMG_1411worry too much about space constraints in a shop this size, so I won’t need to be breaking them down. I was particularly pleased about the limited wastage, considering I had to do the leg brace plates twice… note to self, rough-sawed pallet boards do not like to be nailed less than an inch to the edge of the board. They all went to splinters. Some actual boards really did the trick.

Not an urgent project, but some proper saw horses are a shop-essential and I’m glad to have them aside. Only cost me three 2″x4″x12′ boards and some scrap for the bracing. Not a bad way to kill two hours of the morning!


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